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Neighborhood Lead: Margaret Lamb
Delivery/Pickup Information: As in past years, the default will be for a Chastain Friends Volunteer to deliver your Boo order to your home. However, this year you have the option to pick-up your Boo Order as well (contactless porch pick-up)! If you would like to pick-up your order, please email our neighborhood Boo chair Margaret as soon as possible after you purchase your Boos!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Deliveries AND porch pick-ups will ONLY be Tuesdays (for orders placed Friday-Sunday) and Fridays (for orders placed Monday- Thursday). Contact Margaret with any questions.

NOTE: We have already sold out of our usual batch of 400 Buddy Boos! We are waiting for another shipment, but unfortunately any orders placed after October 1 will not be available until October 5. Thank you for your support and patience in this crazy year! We do have 4 Vampire Boos left in stock.


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  • Buddy Boo Sponsorship


    Support Children’s and have your company recognized (logo) on your neighborhood’s Buy a Boo web page. Includes one Buddy Boo sign and one special edition Vampire sign.

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