Buy a Boo


Stick a Boo sign in a friend’s yard and leave a treat bag with your Boo Tag at the door. Ring the doorbell, run away and watch the enjoyment as your friends come outside to find their yard sign and surprise.

Now it’s their chance to purchase a Boo and pass on the excitement!

Please check your confirmation email for details on how to pick-up your signs from your neighborhood chair, as each group is different.

If you don’t see your neighborhood listed and you would like to be involved, please contact Zoe Decker.

Please note the deadline to sign-up as a participating neighborhood is August 25, 2023.

We are always looking to expand to new neighborhoods for 2024 and would love to add you to our outreach list!

Boo signs will be sold online from September 5 through October 31, 2023, or until supplies are gone.

You are welcome to order a Boo sign from any participating neighborhood but you must be willing to pick-up the sign from that location.

If your neighborhood sells out, please find the next neighborhood closest to you to purchase your Boos.

All signs are picked up at Neighborhood pick-up locations, not delivered!

Please check with your local recycling center for more information on recycling your corrugated plastic signs and stakes. CHaRM (Center for Hard to Recycle Materials) located in Grant Park will accept both signs and stakes.

The Children’s Camp program offers weekend and week-long camp opportunities for children with various medical and physical conditions and their families.

Children’s camps are specially designed and staffed so that these kids can not only take part, but also be a part of a community of children who share similar experiences.

All camps are 100% donor-funded, so campers attend at little to no cost to their families.

These camps are more than just a week away from parents, but an opportunity to build community and belonging for children that have been or continue to receive treatment at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Each camp is fully-staffed and prepared to provide the medical attention these children need from a band-aid to on-site dialysis.

Learn more here!

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